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4 Delicious Culinary Traditions You Can Get Delivered to Your Home

Everyone knows one or several types of world cuisines that they want to enjoy. Finding a good restaurant that serves your favorite exotic foods is difficult. Especially when, during a pandemic, going out to eat can be a dangerous hassle. There are companies that specialize in making home deliveries to your door. Here are 4 culinary traditions that you can benefit from trying.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is influenced by the cuisines of Italy, Greece and Spain. The main ingredients are olive oil, fresh vegetables, fish, cheese and grains. Olive oil is the main factor that promotes optimal nutrition in those consuming the diet. This diet is credited with reducing the risks of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. A fresh salad can be a fantastic, quick meal for delivery.

Caribbean Rice Dishes

As a staple food, rice is prevalent throughout the Caribbean and served with various side dishes consisting of meat, fruit or beans. There is a unique rice dish, with varying side dishes, that is common on every island. For example, black beans and rice is common in Cuba while arroz con gandules is common in Puerto Rico. Having this type of food delivered to your home is the same as visiting an authentic Caribbean restaurant in town. In fact, you may even help keep such restaurants afloat by ordering from them.

The Cantonese Diet

The Cantonese cuisine is derived from residents in the Guangdong province of China and surrounding areas in the Pearl River Delta and near the South China Sea. This cuisine includes a variety of fresh seafood and unique meats like chicken feet, snails and snakes. These ingredients can add novel and delicious flavors to your diet. The traditional Chinese techniques of steaming and stir frying are used. Many Cantonese dishes are found at many different Chinese restaurants and through online suppliers.

The Greek Spinach Diet

Like olive oil is a staple of Italy, spinach is a staple in Greece in addition to eggplant, yogurt and olives. Greeks are known for light food ingredients, such as fish and eggs, that are easy to consume and include in a variety of dishes. Spanakopita is a classic spinach dish that has become a staple in some North American homes and restaurants. A gyro is a classic street food that makes a great meal. In the U.S., Chinese restaurants are more prevalent than Greek restaurants, but it’s still simple to buy and enjoy the tastes of Greek foods at home.

Food traditions are present in all cultures on earth, whether you visit the West Indies or Scandinavia. It’s important to think about the different styles and traditions while you consume foods that look easy to prepare. In this time, it can be difficult to feel like you are able to have cultural experiences. So instead, find a restaurant or online supplier that is able to bring more cultural richness into your home. Make a night in into a date night, with delicious take out and a movie or board game with your housemates.