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Butter chicken taste better with or without cream

I’ve been looking at butter chicken recipes, it seems like many recipes have very different ingredients from each other, I can understand that but the cream?

So does having cream, little cream, no cream or even some milk, yogurt heck even water affects the taste??

Or rather what’s the TRADITIONAL method?

9 thoughts on “Butter chicken taste better with or without cream

  1. I soak slivered almonds in water overnight then blend up with an immersion blender and add to my recipe. Plus creme fraiche adds a bit of tanginess (which I prefer to a very sweet taste) and richness without diluting the gravy as cream/milk/thin yogourt tends to do.

  2. since the cream is added pretty late in the process, you can test this yourself! make up a batch, divide it into two, and add cream to only one half.

    1. This. I would do thirds; cream in one, yogurt in one, milk in one. See which one you like best. Most Indian recipes don’t have a platonic ideal “traditional” recipe; family recipes vary a lot even as they are passed down over generations.

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