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Could 2021 Be the Prison-Break Year for Cannabis-Infused Foods?

The start of 2020 saw big expectations for cannabis-infused foods and beverages. The Canadian venture capital investments saw an increase. Many companies jumped into the modern space, and market players launched great products.

It won’t come as a surprise to you that 2020 wasn’t a breakout year for CBD as anticipated by the masses!

No denials; the industry made progress. But, the pandemic slowed down the product development process. Well, coronavirus takes all the credits. Now that the world is recovering from the pandemic, it’s safe to say that the cannabis industry doesn’t lag. 

While many people turn their keen eyes to cannabis to get over the toll COVID-19 took to their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Cannabis products like gummies, cookies, hard candies have become people’s favorites. 

So, that makes your mouth water.

Cannabidiol is growing with an increase in specialized cafes and stores in Canada. Also, the number of ways you can consume cannabis-infused food is not to mention!

Why Cannabis Edibles?

Edibles are routine drinks and food that have CBD oil. One of the most common forms of CBD edible is gummy bears. 

And, why not?

Chocolates and sweets to wine, beer, and even hummus- the list goes on and on!

Although, the edible strength varies. Yes, you can suit these with your unique endocannabinoid system. The dosage can be as low as 2 mg for a gummy bear and can go way up to several hundred-milligram chocolate bars. 

What are Different Varieties of CBD Edibles?

The demand for a product breeds innovation. Thanks to this ideology, there are a plethora of CBD edibles from which you can choose. All you’ve to do is look through the availability and preferences for choosing a cannabis product in Canada. 

CBD Gummies:

CBD gummies, as the name depicts, are the gummies infused with CBDs. An array of shapes are sure to surprise you when you search weed edibles Canada from a reputed online dispensary. These may be gummy bears, spheres, or cubes and are pretty fun to consume.

Thank the gelatinous consumption later!

These gummies taste great and have a long-shelf life-owing to their jelly structure. Also, their system is designed in a way that protects cannabis from atmospheric oxygen.

  • CBD Chocolates:

Are you a chocolate lover? Hell yes?

Then, it’s pretty self-explanatory for you to take chocolates that contain CBD. A CBD chocolate is an excellent option for you then. A square chocolate bar contains around 250 mg of CBD, and one piece has 10 mg of CBD in it. 

  • CBD Hard Candies:

Hard candies can be a go-to-go edible for people who wish to relish their candy for a longer time. These candies can be in the form of mint, strawberry, or other flavors. 

  • CBD Protein Bars and Baked Goods:

CBD Baked Goods have increased in popularity over the past few decades. And, these are the easiest ways to consume cannabidiol. 

Unlike candies, gummies are easy to produce. People begin to look at recipes online for infusing CBD with home-baked foods. Believe it or not, these come straight from their anti-inflammatory properties. CBD-infused protein bars and sports bars fuel the rage. The post-workout calorie intake supplements are not to mention!

Final Takeaways

Other ways of consuming CBD edibles may be in the form of Beverages, Capsules, and others. From what you’ve seen, the consumer demand for CBD edibles in Canada is increasing. The market has a great potential for these, and effects are indeed promising in 2021. 

After all, it’s because the taste of cannabidiol can be too strong for the palate. But, infusing these with edibles tastes excellent when you pick delicious products. 

Add these to your shopping list, right away!