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What is Chamoy? The Mexican Condiment Every Foodie Is Turning To

If you love food and experiencing other cultures, chances are you have heard of Chamoy. Chamoy is a condiment found in Mexico and can be put on just about everything. The main components of this delectable condiment are fruit, usually consisting of mango, apricot, or plum, salt, chilies, and lime juice. Many find that adding it to vegetables, chips, or meat adds the flavor they need to make the dishes mouthwateringly tantalizing. 

It can come in paste or powder form and be made either at home or bought in the Chamoy candy near me. Keep reading to discover various foods that Chamoy can be used with.

Chamoy Makes A Good Sauce 

When you are looking to make your own Chamoy at home, you will find that it makes a delectable sauce for many of the dishes you may want to serve. Because of the unique tang and heat, many people like this as a sauce for roasted vegetables, loaves of bread, and even sweeter treats like fruit. The flavor combines a tartness and spiciness at the same time that can add a new layer of flavor combinations to the dish. 

It Is Amazing On Candy

Chamoy in powdered form is used with candies. You will find a variety of flavors, and people love the blend of sweet from the candy and sour and spicy from the Chamoy. When it is made with candy, you utilize the fruit pulp and fresh chilies to create a flavor that is both authentic and rich. Many companies have begun to branch out using different fruits like apples and various candies such as skittles or gushers. 

Make A Variety Of Tostilocos

Tostilocos is a fun snack that is made in many different ways. However, you can see a primary option will have Tostito chips, cucumbers, jicama, rielito, cueritos, peanuts (the Japanese style), Chamoy, hot sauce (Valentina), and lime juice. It is widely loved, and you will find that it is a great Mexican street food option. Other variations can include clamato, Doritos, salsa, or hot dogs.

Others still prefer to add heavier ingredients like beef, barbacoa, Mexican Street Corn, and cheese or jalapenos. It depends on your personal preference, but there is never a wrong way to make Tostilocos. The best part? You can make it vegetarian or vegan with a few simple substitutes. It truly is an excellent food for anyone to enjoy. It’s also incredibly filling and could work quite well as a meal all on its own!

Chamoy Is A Great Addition To Anything 

Whether it be candy or fruit, Tostilocos, or meat, Chamoy is a beautiful addition to making the food taste so much better. Enjoy the different textures and combinations that you can use, and you have something versatile and mouthwatering. Just remember that there are times when powdered Chamoy is better than the paste and vice versa. Knowing which one will be better for your needs will enable you to enhance the flavor properly.