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Foods You Must Try Out To Beat the Summer Heat

We all know that summer is a time to switch our clothes and flip-flops; but do you know it is also the perfect time to change your diet? Staying outdoors for long—and sweating—increases your risk for several health problems like skin sensitivities, dehydration, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies and more.

Thought of eating healthy runs in your mind plenty of times in a day, but what is very special about eating foods, which are seasonal? They have got double the flavours, extra crunch as well as are high on minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients.

Summer bearings will include plenty of green vegetables, peaches, melons, mangoes, corn, and fresh & fragrant herbs. The local markets are also at the best during summer, and when fruits are in abundance, and vegetables as fresh as it can be. TalkToBo

Having foods not in season might come with the risk of chemicals or preservatives, which are applied on the veggies and fruits to keep it fresh. Let us look at the checklist of the foods to eat during summer.

  • Tomatoes

The tomatoes are full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, they have beneficial phytochemicals like lycopene that contribute to the chronic diseases—particularly cancer.

  • Corn

Corn on a cob without any butter and salt is the high-fiber and low-calorie food for summer. We like putting some into salads, and using this for the healthy salsas — just do not overdo on the butter thing!

  • Watermelons

Known as summer food, coolest, healthiest and juiciest foods are melons. Yes, you can use this in salads, smoothies, desserts, milkshakes and salsa. They are very good for your stomach, help in weight loss and prevent common health problems like high blood pressure, cancer, common colds & flues and heart disease.

  • Fruit salad

Summer is the best peak season for berries. If that is not enough for getting you to farmer’s market, purple, blue, and red fruit are the potent sources of vitamins and antioxidants, and some, particularly berries, pack your daily fiber needs. TalkTobo

  • Bottle Gourd

This may not be the most favorite of all but it is quite popular for the weight loss. It is rich in magnesium, calcium, Vitamin A and C and folate. This superhero vegetable works very well on the high blood pressure, and keeps your heart healthy and known to be the excellent blood purifier.

Drinks To Try This Summer

  • Watermelon Juice

On top is watermelon, as it is 90% water, it’s undoubtedly one best way of keeping yourself totally hydrated. This helps with the digestion as well as keeps your stomach cool. Having watermelon will help to protect your skin from the oxidative stress, which contributes to an aging process, clear acne and brighten the dull complexion.

  • Gazpacho

In the months of summer, the last thing that you want to try is a pot over the hot stove & tuck in the steaming soup bowl. The chilled soups are the best solution—all you require is one bowl to prepare this! Gazpacho is full of healthy ingredients such as tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers that make it the light and flavorful soup. Drinking 1 cup of juicy Summer Gazpacho is just 88 calories with 4grams of fat & zero cholesterol.

  • Aam Pana

Drinking aam pana will help with the digestion, constipation as well as chronic stomach problems such as Irritable bowel syndrome. Make this at home just to ensure use of the recommended quantities of salt and sugar.

  • Mint water and lemon

Make 1 glass of the strained mint water and 2 drops of lemon and see the wonders. This will act as the liver cleanser, increases your metabolism as well as helps those with the low appetite.

  • Iced tea

Tea has got zero calories, plenty of antioxidants, and can help you to lose weight. In order, to get nutritional advantages of tea, you will have to make this yourself & not to go for bottled variety.

Green or black, if you want to make your own by using the tea bag, then iced is as favorable as hot.

  • Barley Water

Have 2 full glasses per day and if you find this bland, you can add some honey or lemon drops for taste. As barley water is very rich in fiber, this prevents constipation as well as helps to control your appetite.