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How to make Indulgent Chocolate Covered Brazils

Not all sweet treats are hard to make. In fact, some of the easiest recipes are the best! After all, you need not spend all morning in the kitchen to treat yourself and your loved ones to something nice. 

That’s the case with chocolate-covered brazils, homemade one-biters with the nuttiest personality and the most indulgent chocolate cover. 

Chocolate-covered brazils are fantastic additions to chocolate boxes, edible gifts to give around and show how much you care! Chocolate-covered nuts are just crowd-pleasing delicious — no one can say no to these crunchy bites! Let me tell you how to make chocolate covered brazils at home. It’s easier than you think!

What Goes Into Chocolate Covered Brazils?

For this recipe, you only need three ingredients, really. For starters, you’ll need a whole bag of Brazil nuts — these are the stars of the show. Ensure you get nice quality nuts to guarantee you don’t get too many broken nuts. 

You’ll also need dark Belgian chocolate, at least 70% cacao, and crispy butterscotch because, why not? Butterscotch adds a snappy and caramelly flavour to the Brazil nuts for a wonderfully sweet bite. 

Make sure you also have a few microwaveable bowls to melt the chocolate. Other than that, you’re all set. Making chocolate covered nuts is not only easy, but it’s also tons of fun! Consider calling some friends over and make of this recipe a fun cooking party. 

What are Brazil nuts, anyway?

Before we get started, let’s talk about the unique nuts we often call brazils. What are they, anyway? Yes, Brazil nuts are native to Brazil and other South American tropical countries. The nuts, or better said, seeds of the Brazil nut tree, are prized worldwide for their nutrition and warm, nutty flavour. The trees, though, are impressive in their own right; they’re amongst the tallest trees on the Amazon rainforest!

Needless to say, harvesting Brazil nuts is not an easy feat, and therefore, they’re more expensive than more common nuts. The higher price is worth it, though, as Brazil nuts are amongst the tastiest on the planet! These are authentic delicacies, and they’re even better when coated with premium chocolate. 

The Right Chocolate for Covered Nuts

If you’re coating nuts with chocolate, you’ll need the right kind of chocolate. Sadly, most commercial chocolate has low amounts of cocoa solids and might contain vegetal oils. The real deal must contain at least 70% cocoa solids, and you’ll only get such a treat with reputable chocolate suppliers. 

Some of the finest chocolate is produced in Belgium, and its quality is unmatched. If you can, get dark Belgian chocolate to cover your Brazil nuts — that’s what we call a match made in heaven!

Now, in the recipe below, we’re coating Brazil nuts with chocolate and crispy butterscotch. Both treats end up beautiful, and you’ll surely find one of them is more your style. Try both and pick a favourite!

Why Make Chocolate Covered Brazils?

Chocolate covered brazils are the ultimate decadent treat. A lovely snack and an excellent addition to chocolate boxes and chocolate gifts. Everyone loves these sweets! 

Make a large batch and store them in the fridge for a few weeks. Chocolate covered brazils have a long shelf life, and they’re easy to pack and carry around, so they’re really perfect gifts. If you want to impress someone, give them a chocolate box with chocolate covered brazils. The nut and chocolate combo is hard to beat. 

Of course, you can make these just for yourself as well. Have these tasty nuts around and snack on them whenever you feel like it. These sweet snacks are healthier than store-bought sweets – they’re tastier too.

Indulgent Chocolate Covered Brazils Recipe


  • 1 Lily O’Brien’s Crispy Butterscotch Share Bag
  • 1 Lily O’Brien’s 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate Share Bag
  • 140g whole Brazil nuts, shelled


  1. Roughly chop and place each of the Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates separately into two microwaveable bowls and microwave each for 30-second bursts, stirring in between, until all the chocolate has melted.
  2. Divide your brazils and place half into each of the bowls of chocolate, stirring gently to make sure each Brazil is evenly coated.
  3. Using a fork, remove each chocolate-coated Brazil from the bowl, letting any excess chocolate drip from the fork before placing it onto a piece of baking paper.
  4. Leave to set at room temperature.
  5. Store in an air-tight container and eat within a week.