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Must-Have Kitchen Essentials You Need to Own

People sometimes forget that it doesn’t matter what size or how trendy your kitchen is but how you feel there. Even if you have the most expensive countertops and the prettiest cabinets, you won’t feel like cooking there unless you have all the cooking essentials. If you want the kitchen to be your happy place, you have to get all the cooking must-haves. 

This article will share the basic items that any kitchen should have to function properly are. And, we’ll add a few interesting things that everyone seems to forget. 

Cutlery Bare Essentials 

At times it seems that you can’ have a decent kitchen without at least ten different knives. Well, the truth is that you’ll manage fine with three of four knives. You need a sharp one for cutting meat and vegetables, a serrated one for bread and one 8-ich one to feel like a real-life chef. And that’s it!

If you want to invest in knives that will last for a lifetime, make sure to learn how to sharpen steel and keep your new kitchen knife collection in good shape. Besides investing in good-quality knives, it may be a good idea to have a sharpening tool like a whetstone at your disposal. This way, you can simply use it whenever your knives start to become dull. It’ll save you time and ensure you won’t encounter problems whenever you’re cooking. 

If you want to search for more professional knife collections, check what professional chefs are using and sign up for a cooking class. Other cutlery contains a basic grilling fork and knife, metal tongs, and a few wooden utensils for salad and mixing. Once you have the basics, you’ll realize that other things are simply taking up space. Unless you need some special tools for decorating cakes or cutting meat, everything else should be out of your kitchen. 

Cutting Boards 

A few cutting boards are indispensable in every kitchen. Not only that they look good, but they’re also extremely useful as they let you cut veggies and meat without the fear of damaging your table or kitchen counters. You can choose from various wood types and finishes like rustic, live edge, or end grain butcher’s block. 

Even if some minimalists claim you only need one board, you should have at least two. If you suddenly decide to present your food on one of them, you can use the other chopping board. For instance, if you’re serving steak or roasted meat, you can plate it on a cutting board. This way, it’ll be easier for you to use a sharp knife to cut through the meat without the risk of damaging your dinnerware. Some of the most renowned word chefs recommend using separate chopping boards for cutting meat and vegetables so that you wouldn’t mix them. You can integrate this practice into your kitchen if you have space for two chopping boards or want to prevent cross-contamination when preparing meals. 

Lastly, not only that the cutting boards are functional, but they can work as aesthetically pleasing elements of your kitchen’s design. A few of them lined up the wall will give it a retro feeling and feel warm ad home-like. With many designers who use them in many different spaces, all you need to do is find the right idea and start placing your boards. 

A Great Spatula 

You won’t get far in any kitchen without a good stainless steel spatula. If you asked any chef to experience the most important kitchen tool besides a sharp knife, the answer would be spatula. It has to be thin enough to flip fragile foods like fish and pancakes but sturdy enough to help you use it for everything else. 

The various shapes and sizes of spatula depend on the ways you would use them in your kitchen. Most of them have either rectangular or elongated shapes so that oil or other ingredients wouldn’t be stuck on their surface. Spatulas that have holes are great for frying and mixing food. 

Food Processor 

A food processor is one of the best cooking tools you’ll ever need. Most people think how food processors can only make hummus or make a smoothie and can’t be more wrong. With a strong stainless steel cutter, you can cut cheese, grind it, make pie dough, chop veggies, create dressings, and even make home-made Nutella. It’s a versatile tool you can use when cooking various dishes. 

Unlike blenders, food processors come with a stronger motor and create sauces with the consistency you want. It’s easy to operate, so you won’t have to worry about grinding your ingredients too much. And one of the best things about food processors is the cleaning. All you need to do is clean the knife as well as the bowl or place them in your dishwasher. 

Small Food Scale

If you think that you can make any dough and cake without the food scale, you might have to think again. This kitchen tool is incremental if you like to try out new recipes with precise measurements. Plus, if you’re on a diet and need to measure every meal, a small scale will be a lifesaver.

Everyone who knows something about baking will emphasize using a specific amount of sugar, flour, and chocolate. For instance, if you’re using different baking pan sizes when making baked treats, you might have to change the measurements of the ingredients to get the right texture and taste. And only a small kitchen scale will help you measure your ingredients, meal sizes, and portions accurately. 

Air Fryer 

If you’re looking for an appliance that will help you make low-fat, nutritious meals, Air Fryer is the right thing for your kitchen. It’s a simple machine that circulates hot air to cook the food you’ve placed inside. Using this appliance can be a great alternative to frying foods in oil. It also proves useful when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals and need something healthy. 

Since you can cook several things inside the Air Fryer simultaneously, it’s easy to get a whole meal ready in 15 minutes. Furthermore, you don’t need to keep an eye on your food, unlike when you’re frying in oil, since the tool does everything for you.  Plus, when you’re done cooking, you can have everything clean in a few minutes. 

Creating an Ultimate Kitchen 

Building a great kitchen takes significantly less time than expected. Even the most popular chefs claim that a small list of items will uplift your cooking skills. Additionally, buying the items you need for your kitchen is manageable since most tools are available in stores. Once you have your new kitchen finished, it’s important to get the basics that will help you prepare food and fill your house with the smell of freshly made food. 

The kitchens have played a versatile role in the past year. For some people, kitchen space became a retreat from the endless list of house chores, while for others, it became a full-functioning home office. It ultimately became a place where they can unwind with a cup of good coffee and cake.  

Regardless of the people’s mindset, it is a fact that no one knew how much time they’ll end up spending in their kitchen. While some people decide to redecorate the kitchen to fit their needs, others started buying new kitchenware to uplift their cooking. When everyone realized what the kitchen basics are, the food preparation process became more efficient and fun.