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The Best Kosher Holiday Treats For Chanukah

This Chanukah, Trade in Your Chocolate Coins for Manischewitz® CryptoGelt! Plus, other Delicious Kosher Holiday Favorites for Chanukah.

Chanukah officially kicks off on December 18th at dusk, followed by eight days and nights of customary celebrations until December 26th. Chanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights, has become one of the most popular and cheerful Jewish festivals.

Lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel, singing festive songs, giving gifts, and savoring wonderful Hanukkah meals that remind people of the oil that burned for eight days at the temple in Jerusalem are all traditional ways to commemorate the festival (think golden-brown potato latkes and other delicious fried sweet treats).

Manischewitz® CryptoGelt

For most families today, no Chanukah celebration is complete without the beloved bags of chocolate coins known as Chanukah gelt. This year, Manischewitz is transporting traditional Chanukah Gelt into the twenty-first century with the introduction of CryptoGelt – Chanukah Coins for the New Ages!

Like the cryptocurrencies that have taken over the digital economy, Manischewitz® CryptoGelt is sure to be the talk of every dreidel game this Chanukah season.

The brand-new CryptoGelt joins Manischewitz’s popular Chanukah line, featuring the Manischewitz Ugly Sweater Chanukah Sugar Cookie Kit, Ready to Decorate Pre-Baked Sugar Cookie Kit, Chanukah House Cookie Kit; and Donut Making Kit, along with timeless favorites like Manischewitz Gluten-Free Potato Pancake Mix.

New to the Shelves for the Holidays, the newest and trendiest additions to Manischewitz’s line of Chanukah products, CryptoGelt Chocolate Chanukah Coins, are the hottest gelt on the market this Chanukah season.

And fear not– unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are completely digital, usually without physical form– Manischewitz CryptoGelt is made from the tastiest Milk Chocolate you’ll ever lay your hands on, in packaging that mirrors the most well-known logos of popular cryptocurrency.

Wrapped in gold, Manischewitz CryptoGelt can be easily identified by their resemblance to real gold coins, with a stylized ‘M’ (for Manischewitz, of course!) with vertical strokes from the dollar sign incorporated above and below to exude a visual nod to the dollar sign. The CryptoGelt is sold in 36 bags with an estimated SRP of $9.99-$12.99.

It is also sold in individual bags with four coins per bag at SRP of $2.00 to $3.00 per bag.

Holiday Favorites and Staples

Tuscanini Italian Chestnuts

A new product to stock up on this festive season is Tuscanini Italian Chestnuts. This is a surefire way to celebrate winter. When the fall air chills into winter, there’s nothing quite like delicious chestnuts roasting on the open fire!

With Tuscanini Italian Chestnuts, enjoy the highest quality, superior tasting chestnuts from Campania, and rest assured, they’re certified kosher. You can enjoy them as a delightful snack on their own or used as an ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes.

Estimated SRP: $3.99.

Manischewitz Ugly Sweater Chanukah Sugar Cookie Kit

As for the Manischewitz Ugly Sweater Chanukah Sugar Cookie Kit, this fun and creative offering has everything you and your family need to create the Ugliest Sweaters yet! The kit includes sugar cookie mix; traditional yellow and blue color powders; Chanukah sprinkle mix; three piping bags, and a sweater cookie cutter.

They are available at an SRP of $8.99. 

Manischewitz Ready to Decorate Pre-Baked Sugar Cookie Kit

Sweeten the holiday with the Manischewitz Ready to Decorate Pre-Baked Sugar Cookie Kit. It’s perfect enjoying family baking time with this kit. It includes 12 pre-baked sugar cookies shaped in all the festive ornaments of the season, including Stars of David, Dreidels, Wine Glasses, and Menorahs.

The package includes blue and silver glitter crystals, royal icing mix, blue and yellow powder, and three piping bags.  Your kids, friends, and family can show their Chanukah creativity and enjoy these delicious cookies. The package yields 12 Chanukah Sugar Cookies.

Estimated SRP of $9.99. 

Manischewitz Chanukah House Cookie Kit

Celebrate Chanukah and create a new family tradition with the popular Manischewitz’s Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House Cookie decorating kit.

The kit includes everything you need to make this delicious treat. You will find four icing colors, mini beads, sprinkles, six-point star & menorah sugar decorations, and sanding sugar.

Estimated SRP: $9.99.

Manischewitz Donut Mix Kit

The tradition of eating sufganiyot or jelly donuts is easier than ever with Manischewitz’s Donut Mix Kit, which includes blue and white sprinkles and powdered sugar.

This fluffy, gooey, jelly-filled fried delight is a Chanukah must-have. While the procedure to make them is undoubtedly a labor of love, your family and friends will be eternally thankful. They taste just as good as they sound, and you can get creative by replacing the jelly with other sweet fillings. Whatever your heart and stomach desire: chocolate, lemon curd, or custard.

Estimated SRP: $6.99.

Manischewitz Gluten-Free Potato Pancake Mix

Grain-free (and certified gluten-free) potato pancakes (also known as Latkes) are the traditional favorite for Chanukah. Crispy and delicious, they make the perfect side dish or party dish. Ours have no artificial colors or flavors and no added MSG.

We can’t promise these fried treats are guilt-free, but they’re certainly the wholesome choice. The only question you’ll have is, “sour cream or apple sauce?”

Estimated SRP: $3.99.

Other treats


Babka is not your average cake or bread; it has the delicate, tempting, melt-in-your-mouth quality of a croissant but with more taste. Babka comes in cinnamon, apple, cheese, and even chocolate. 


Every Jewish household prepares latkes differently. Some are thick and chewy, while others are flat and lacy. The beauty of this cuisine is its near-impossibility of being awful. After all, we’re talking about fried potatoes. If you can do that, any recipe will be great.

Serve it with toppings like applesauce, chives, dill, or sour cream.


Blintzes are usually connected with the Shavuot holiday and are usually filled with cheese (and sometimes raisins), although you can enjoy them anytime, especially for breakfast with toppings of jam.

Honey Cake

Honey cake is a delicious addition to your sweet delicacies, but don’t be discouraged if you’ve never prepared it. The procedure is straightforward and reminds us of preparing banana bread. The best part of making this honey cake is that you already have all the ingredients in your pantry.

May the lights of Chanukah rekindle your spirit and remind you of the people you love, cherish, and appreciate.