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Tips on Preparing a Flavorful Indian Dish

Have you decided that you would like to make a delicious Indian meal that is sure to impress those who will get to taste it? If you have figured out what you are going to serve and you have already gone shopping to get the different ingredients that you are going to need to make the meal, you will now need to work on getting started.

Although you know that you have all the ingredients you currently need, you may still feel intimidated about following a new Indian recipe. If you are stepping out of your comfort zone a bit, it is normal to feel nervous about how things will turn out, but there are tips from the professionals that you can follow to have success in the kitchen.

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Sear the Meat

When you want to prepare meat that is juicy and flavorful, make sure to cook it the proper way. The best way to prepare the meat in a way that leaves it loaded with flavor is to sear it. There are a lot of people that assume the best thing to do is cook the meat at a medium temperature the entire time, but this often causes a person to overcook their food. If you overcook the dish, it is not going to taste nearly as good as it could have tasted.

Searing is a technique that you may not have tried before, but it is a rather simple one. You would need to add a small amount of oil into a pan, wait for it to get nice and hot, and then place your meat into the pan. You will cook the meat in your pan until both sides are completely brown. Keep a close eye on the pan because you are going to need to flip the meat over from one side to the next several times throughout your cooking session. Most chefs recommend using a cast iron pan for searing, but you can use what you have available.

Use the Right Spices

When creating any dish, especially an Indian one, you need to use the right spices. The spices will give your food much more flavor. Always use spices that you have been able to ground on your own while using a mortar and pestle because then you can ground the spices up to your liking for the dish you are making.  Containers that consist of prepared spices often do not give off as much flavor as the freshly ground spices that you can make.

If you can sear the meat and season it properly, you will have no problem creating a tasty and flavorful Indian dish that is going to impress anyone who eats it. You will get the hang of these simple cooking techniques in no time.