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What type of grill is best?

What type of grill is best? Let’s figure out the pros and cons of each type and learn some tips to choose the best grill for your need

The truth is you can never throw a barbecue party without having a reliable grill. While there are many options to choose, from charcoal, electric, gas to pellet, the most suitable one certainly suits your budget, preferences, and lifestyle.

So what type of grill is best for you? Let’s check it out below!

4 types of grills you need to know

Gas grills

Gas grills are hands-down the most common type of grill used recently. They offer not only a place to cook but also convenience. A gas grill does the work quickly. You just need to heat up the grill by pushing the button to start the fire. Then you can grill away in less than 10 minutes.

A gas grill is perfect for frequent barbecue parties since it requires a minimum time to clean up and maintain. New gas models come up with handy features such as side cooktops or multiple burners and even Wi-Fi control.

However, gas grills aren’t the best choice for everyone. These models often require a large amount of space, even small-sized grills. That being said, people who live in an urban area with a small outdoor area shouldn’t get a gas grill.

Plus, this type of grill is powered from natural gas, which is either from the gas line or a propane tank. In the second case, you need to replace the tank when it is empty.

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Electric grills

Electric grills get energy from the nearby electrical outlet. They come with heated grill plates to cook food. This is a good option for city folks who live in places with strict fire regulation. The good news is electric grills are available both indoor and outdoor.

These grills can heat up very fast, so they are suitable for impatient cooks or starving crowds.

The drawback of electric grills is the taste. Somehow the heated plates can’t replace the traditional grills because they can’t generate enough heat to sear foods. You can’t taste the smoky flavor too. If you are a big flavor fan, think carefully before purchasing electric models.

Pellet grills

Unlike gas and electric grills, pellet grills burn pellet made of wood scraps to grill. When it comes to the flavor, many people agree that pellet grills can elevate the food flavor to the next level. You can use a pellet grill as a smoker as well, so it becomes quite versatile.

The downside? Pellet grills can be expensive. They would not be suitable for places where fire regulations are strict.

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Charcoal grills

These traditional grills offer one of the best smoky flavors. Most barbecue addicts will prefer charcoal grills and claim that this is the only way to grill. Another reason why charcoal is many people’s favorite type of grill is the price.

You can find charcoal grills with surprisingly cheap price, big enough to accommodate food for a large party.

It is true that charcoal grills can preserve the food flavor and bring unprecedented grilling experiences, but there are disadvantages too.

You need to prepare enough charcoal for each time you want to grill. Also, this type of fuel needs time to get heated. Sometimes you have to wait 30 minutes until the fire is ready to grill.

What’s more, you need to be extra careful when you want to extinguish the fire and later dispose of the charcoal.  That’s why, if you live in an apartment or areas where fire regulations are strict, you’d better not think about buying a charcoal grill.

Another advantage of this grill is its compactness. The modern market offers us many options of portable charcoal grills, so you may find the ideal model for your needs. 

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How to choose the best grill?

There are 4 options, but which grill is the best one for you? Each grill offers both pros and cons, so it makes the equation even more complicated.

 The checklist I create below will guide you through basic steps to choose the best grill for your buck.

Your budget

Let’s be realistic first. You can’t and shouldn’t buy a grill that exceeds your budget. If you go shopping without a limit, you will be persuaded easily from both advertisements and shop sellers and end up buying a fancy grill.

So first thing first, come up with a price. How much are you willing to pay for a grill? After you figure out the number, process to the next step.

Your grilling area

If you have a big backyard or patio, congratulation, you can skip this part. If not, it is time to figure out whether you can accommodate your desired grill. You need to make sure that you have enough space to move around and the grill shouldn’t be close to any wall or electric outlets.

If you don’t have much space available, consider portable grills. You can easily find charcoal, gas and electric grills in small size.

The frequency

How frequently do you have grilled food? If you throw a barbecue party every one or two weeks, a gas grill would be the best choice for you since they don’t need much preparation and clean-up.

The size of the party could affect your choice of the grill too. If you love a small gathering with family and friends, probably you can think of having a small electric or charcoal grill.


Last but not least, don’t ever overlook the specifications. They are the lights you should follow in order to find out which grill to buy. The cooking area tells you the amount of food a grill can handle.

Durability is another factor to look for. When shopping for a grill, it is essential to pay attention to the construction. Cast iron and enamel bonded steel are the most popular and durable construction you can find.

The bottom line

What type of grill is best? There is no absolute answer to this question. A perfect grill should be the one that fits your budget and living area, as well as suits your needs and preferences. Some people may prefer a gas grill, other loves pellet one.

How about you? What is your best type?