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What’s good for a hangover?


A headache, fatigue, but also cramps and nausea: this is also the price to pay after an evening when it is exaggerated especially with alcohol. The popular sayings are not lacking: there are those who, before going out, drink glasses of water – they say that they do “bottom” – or who the day after leaves with a glass of what he had drunk the night before. Some people choose fresh milk instead of liters. Then there are more scientific indications, the perfect foods that can help you brilliantly overcoming the most unpleasant effects of alcohol abuse. According to the nutritionists, coffee should be avoided; better to focus on fruit (dehydrated) and vegetables. And above all on eggs for breakfast. Basically, the hangover is the right time to finally take your self-care back giving your body the right ingredients to react to this struggling and difficult condition where every functions its off-balance. But let’s take a look at the best superfoods useful to cure the hangover after a good night.


A hangover can be neutralized by potassium: also under control muscle spasms and weakness. Superfood rich in healthy fats, fiber, vitamin B6, and carotenoids.

Ginger and lemon

Ginger in addition to being a powerful anti-nausea is also anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C also counteracts the effects of alcohol: hence the combination with lemon.

Green tea

Whatever you drank last night, now switch to green tea. Prepare a thermos and, although it seems difficult, force yourself to finish it within half an hour. Tea will make you eliminate toxins and most of the alcohol that still flows in your blood. In a few hours, you will be like new and almost ready for another party.

Pancakes with maple syrup

A sweet dish ideal for fighting a hangover is that based on pancakes . Not everyone knows that these flour and egg fritters that may seem really too heavy to be dealt with in a complicated time like this, they are actually a maverick lifesaver! Accompany them with maple syrup which is a sweet food but able to keep insulin levels under control. Balancing them, at this moment, will make the difference because of sugar, alcohol already contains too many.


If you have passed the early hours of the day you are already at a good point. So now go to salmon: a fish rich in protein and healthy fats that are a fundamental ally to combat what remains of the rivers of vodka that you drank last night.


Asparagus, against all imagination, is the ideal food to fight hangover because they are formidable to eliminate toxins. Eat a plate full with a little oil raw: the healthy fats of extra virgin olive oil will absorb the alcohol, while the asparagus will help you eliminate it from the lymphatic system.

Rice boiled in its starch

If you really do not feel well, boil some rice and, after eating it, try to drink its cooking water. The starch you have released will make you return to the world of the living.