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Which spices do I need to toss and replace?

I’ve been growing my dabba for 15 years, now I have two baskets of bags of bulk spices that I use regularly but not heavily. Special items like mace, saffron, blk cardamom etc are expensive but maybe they also fade and need replacing.

Then there are the big bulk bags of basics. My fenugreek is 5 years old but I can’t tell if it is TOO old. Cumin, fennel, ajwain, mustard seeds, I buy as needed, but maybe I should be buying smaller bags if they fade quickly upon opening.

So my question is which spices do you just use til gone, and which do you buy tiny amounts of because it loses its punch quickly at home?

6 thoughts on “Which spices do I need to toss and replace?

  1. Always buy small bags of whole seeds (grind your own powders) and replace often for maximum freshness. Why not begin the process of replacing your spices gradually? In general, whole spices will last about 3 – 4 years, powders will last about 2, and spice blends shorter times.

  2. To me it’s more about storage than spices. I keep mine in airtight containers in a drawer, so they’re not exposed to light or heat either. They can still keep their freshness for even 5 years. Of course this works best for whole spices!

    Most on your list seem like they could last for years if properly stored.

  3. gram masala you can toss every 6 month. i make small amount of gram masala in my video FOOD WITH FOZ in youtube and facebook.
    and also red dried pepper toss every 3 month.

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