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Different types of coffee drinks explained

Coffee addiction is a real thing and we love it. Getting a rough idea of the differences between the available coffee drinks may push you to experiment more with new coffee flavours and become a real coffee connoisseur in the process. If you enjoy drinking coffee but you’re stuck with the same order all the time, you may want to take a look at the list of most popular coffee drinks. 


Let’s start with the basics. Espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks in Europe and it serves as a base to many derivational drinks. It is more potent than regular coffee because the ratio of beans to water is higher. If you like to order or make specialty drinks more, such as this frozen coffee, you should know that a perfect espresso shot is the key to a well balanced favour of these more elaborate drinks.


Cappuccino is one of many espresso based drinks. A perfect cappuccino consists of the equal ratio of espresso, steamed milk (dairy or plant-based) and thick milk froth. It is often topped off with some cinnamon and served in a special 6-ounce cup.


Latte is another very popular coffee drink. Many people order specialty lattes which include flavoured syrups, whipped cream and other taste enhancements. However, the regular latte is quite simple, being ⅓ espresso, ⅔ steamed milk of choice. Another important component is milk foam which is put on top.


Many people confuse cappuccino and macchiato and we don’t blame them since the drinks are very similar. The main difference is that macchiato has even less milk and foam than cappuccino, only around 50ml. The name “macchiato” isn’t actually random, since it means “spotted” in Italian. The idea behind the name is that the espresso shot has just been slightly stained by milk.


This is a summer favourite of many Italians. It’s very simple and it only has two ingredients – vanilla ice cream and, of course, espresso. Add the ice cream scoop into your cappuccino cup and pour some perfectly brewed espresso on top. That’s it! 

Caffe Mocha

While affogato may be perfect for summer months, mocha is more appropriate during holiday season. The recipe is also not too complex.  Chocolate sauce or hot chocolate is mixed in with an espresso shot and steamed milk. Whipped cream may be added on top, but it’s optional.   

Cold brew

Cold brew is a perfectly smooth coffee drink, mostly enjoyed only with ice. Milk is generally not added. Cold brew is a bit more complex drink to prepare since it takes more time. Because the caffeine and aroma extraction process is happening in cold water, the key is to leave the beans for more than six hours to get the perfect brew. 


Making an americano includes preparing a shot of espresso and adding some warm or cold water to it. That’s it. You may enjoy this drink if you like the aroma of espresso but the drink is too strong to your taste to have on its own.


This drink is another summertime favourite of many. It is made of espresso, ice and cold milk. The ingredients are put into the blender and buzzed until the ice becomes smooth. Many flavoring syrups can be added to make this drink even more exciting. Also, you can choose to put whipped cream, more syrup and sprinkles on top.

Irish coffee

Lastly, we will talk about the most famous coffee cocktail. It is a great choice for starting both your mornings and evenings. The Irish coffee cocktail consists of a shot of Irish whiskey added to filtered coffee. The two ingredients are stirred and topped off with cream.