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How to Grill in the Winter

Grilling in winter can be quite an atmospheric experience. Besides, you don’t have to worry about pesky bugs – and the extra stress you have to go through to ensure food is chilled is completely out of the way! Indeed, nothing stops you from holding a BBQ party or a dinner party in winter. 

So, instead of asking “why grill in winter”, you should rather ask “why not grill in winter?” Here are great tips that will make your winter grilling successful;

Tip #1: Get Yourself Ready

Successful grilling in the winter starts with you. Forget about achieving a fun-filled grilling in the cold if you are not comfortable or prepared for the freezing condition outdoors. So, prepare yourself first by putting on clothing items that will keep your warm while you stand outside to keep an eye on the food you’re grilling. Here’s a list of clothing items that will work for outdoor winter grilling;

  • Winter coat
  • Thick gloves
  • Thick hat
  • Winter boots and wooly socks – if it is very cold out there

Tip #2: Get Your Grill Ready

You also need to get your grill ready for winter grilling. It’s possible your grill has been through rigorous use during summer – it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. So, clean and tune up your grill to get it ready for the winter grilling task.

Tip #3: Change Your Charcoal

If you are using a charcoal grill, consider using completely new charcoal for this winter grilling task. In order to save more, briquettes are good choice and they burn for long. 

But, if you prefer something that would burn much faster and hotter, the lump charcoal will work better for you. Some people occasionally mix lump charcoals and briquettes, especially when they want the fire to burn hotter at a quicker rate. You would want to do same when the cold is unbearable and you just want to finish grilling in the quickest possible time and get inside the house.

Tip #4: Get the Grill Ready

For winter grilling, a shovel can be a great grilling tool. And, when it comes to getting rid of snow from the performer’s tabletop and the dome, a car brush will come handy and helpful.

Tip #4: Brainstorm on Grill-able Winter Recipes

Particularly, you should go for warming recipes. In winter, you should keep in mind that your recipe should target keeping the cold at bay. For this reason, it is best to choose warm and soothing recipes that you can cook with the grill.

Here’s a great idea for a warming recipe; for a common winter recipe such as chili, you should consider grilling beef or chicken first, then cut the meat into desirable chunks that can be used in the chili. Another great recipe idea to keep everyone warm at dinner is to make hot soup and serve it on the side. Use the grill to keep the pot of soup warm for a long time.

Tip #5: Get a Staging Place Ready Indoors

You need a place you can easily place hot plates and position foods that you are bringing out from the grill or taking into the grill. You should consider a spot close to the door, to avoid snow dripping all over the house. 

Besides, it also helps the plates and foods stay at room temperature, plus it promotes easy access. You definitely want the hot steak you’ve just taken out of the grill to land in a warm plate and get the great flavor that you want.

Tip #6: Make Sure the Lid Remains Closed

As much as you can, always ensure the lid is closed. You want to ensure you take out the lid only when necessary, especially when grilling in winter. So, a helpful remedy is to use probe thermometers, especially when smoking food on the performer – the thermometer should be used along with wires that extend into the grill.

Tip #7: Stay Safe

You definitely don’t want any form of accident when barbecuing in winter. Therefore, you should be well-prepared. How? One of the best safe grilling practices is to ensure your grill is positioned on a firm-level surface. 

And, it is best to keep your extra fuel far from the lit grill. Also, keep other items that can easily trail into the flame far away – e.g. scarves and dry papers. This also means you should avoid wearing scarves while grilling in winter.

Tip #8: Exercise Patience

Cooking out there in winter requires patience. You really want to get out of the cold as fast as you can, but not until your food is properly grilled. So, stay patient and soak in the soothing chill outside while waiting for your food to cook. Finally, with the right winter gears and well-functioning grill, winter grilling promises to be enjoyable and not endurable.