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Trending coffee recipes

Everyone loves the taste of fresh coffee in the morning, which immediately makes us awake. This brewed drink known all over the world is prepared from coffee beans, and appears in different forms, from filter to instant coffee. Everyone has their favorite type. People drink it at home, at cafés and restaurants, either alone or with friends. It’s an ideal addition to social meetings, usually served with a cookie or a piece of cake. It can be a sweet treat itself as well. Today, there are so many different ways of making coffee, and cafés compete with one another to offer you different trending recipes to meet the most demanding coffee drinkers’ expectations. But the primary purpose of that is to make you feel better after the first sip of this hot drink. Its magical effects are to boost your energy and make you smile and approach the upcoming day with a positive attitude. To be fully satisfied with its taste, you can choose your favorite recipe and either prepare it at home or buy it at the nearby corner café.  

Chicory Vanilla Latte

All cafe latte lovers should try chicory vanilla latte. Once they do that, they’ll see it can be as good as a typical coffee. It’s a lighter version, though, which could be drunk whenever you’re fed up with caffeine, but you can’t imagine your morning routine without a cup of coffee. Chicory vanilla latte will be an excellent substitute then. All you need to prepare is chicory, which you can find in most supermarket chains. If not, you can buy separately roasted chicory and roasted dandelion root, add milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and sweetener of your choice. 

If you want to treat your guests to this drink, you can additionally personalize a coffee sleeve so that they could feel not only the uniqueness of the coffee taste but also enjoy the original cup with personalized writing or image on it. Do you want to make your friend’s day? That’s the best recipe for that!

Irish Coffee

If you opt for something stronger, then the Irish coffee should be your choice. And you don’t have to visit Ireland to taste it. Everyone can easily make it at home only if they have authentic Irish whiskey. Yes, that’s the coffee with alcohol. So, it shouldn’t be drunk during a break from work, but rather in the comfort of your home or cozy café. Except for whiskey, you’ll enjoy the taste of sweetened coffee with a creamy foam on top of that. It’ll certainly feast your eyes and make your mouth water. 

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee

Who said that coffee must be hot? For iced coffee drinkers, there are also many alternatives. One of them is light sweet milk and honey iced coffee. It’s a perfect drink for hot sunny afternoons to chill your day a little bit. To prepare this coffee, you can use Nespresso capsules, as well as honey, skim or almond milk, a hint of vanilla and several ice cubes. Can you imagine something simpler that tastes so deliciously? You don’t even leave your house to enjoy this amazing taste. Once you learn to do this drink, all your family members and friends will fall in love with it at first sight.

Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee

Do you want to prepare the coffee drink, looking like Coke? You can do that, making vanilla bean iced coffee. What do you need for this drink? Three main ingredients: cold brew coffee, chocolate coffee ice cubes, and sweet vanilla bean coconut milk. If you don’t have enough time to make this coffee by yourself, you can buy it generally at Starbucks. It’s one of the most frequently chosen cold drinks there. So, anytime you want to chill, you don’t necessarily have to buy ice cream, but instead- choose a tasty flavored iced coffee from one of the most popular coffee chains. 

Chocolate Milk Iced Mocha 

But what about the combination of chocolate and coffee? Of course, it’s possible. Are you wondering how to do that? Just by adding chocolate milk to your cold brew with coffee ice cubes. To make the taste of chocolate even more intensive, you can add chocolate syrup as well. But that option is for real chocolate lovers, having a sweet tooth. For others, it might be too sweet. If you choose this drink at the social meeting, you’ll probably won’t be able to eat any other dessert. Chocolate milk iced coffee works as a great dessert itself. 

If you’ve ever been bored with a regular black coffee, now you’ve got the sea of possibilities spreading in front of you. You don’t have to be a professional barista to make your day better with a sweet and tasty cup of coffee. It’s enough if you follow some of the recipes presented above to enjoy your drink as if you were in the best café ever.