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What are protein-rich foods?

The proteins are macronutrients fundamental for our body because they provide the energy necessary for its proper functioning. They also contribute to weight loss and maintenance of lean mass, to the detriment of fat. Proteins are composed of basic elements: amino acids. There are 20 types of amino acids, of which 8 are called “essential” since our body cannot manufacture them. Let’s see together what are the main foods rich in protein, present both in products of plant origin, both in those of animal origin. Remember that plant sources of protein can reduce the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol, found in animal foods.


Often seen as a fearsome source of fats and cholesterol, in reality, eggs contain noble proteins of the highest quality, complete with amino acids essential for growth. Eggs should therefore not be removed from your diet. But it is better to prefer those that are biological and of controlled origin that have a greater nutritional value


Soy should occupy a place of honor at the table in all its forms: beans, sprouts, tofu, yogurt, milk, tempeh. It boasts the best protein content of the plant kingdom and beyond.


Meat is an important food for a balanced and healthy diet, as it contains all the amino acids, even the essential ones. But what are the richest proteins? The lean beef and the chicken or turkey breast. The use of lighter cooking methods, such as the grill, contributes to the reduction of total fat. Did you know that a chicken fillet, in addition to being less fat, could meet half your daily protein requirement?


Among the foods rich in protein, we find fish: an essential food in the context of a proper diet, thanks to the high amounts of fatty acids, essential for our well-being. The best protein sources include fresh tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod, hake, sardines, herring, and sardines. But also caviar and fish roe.

Dairy products

Vegetarians can obtain the proteins they need from milk and dairy products, in particular from parmesan, grana, and gruyere, but also from mozzarella and hard cheeses. However, cheeses should not be eaten more than two or three times a week.


Precious protein sources are obviously legumes. Beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas and so on are also rich in fiber, they contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine and to the maintenance of weight. Better to prefer fresh or dried vegetables cooked at home, to canned ones. And if combined with cereals, they represent a complete dish comparable to a steak!

Dried fruits

Dried fruit is a non-indifferent source of good protein and unsaturated fats, especially peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. Perfect for a healthy and balanced diet, together with seeds (eg pumpkin, sesame or sunflower), which have characteristics very similar to those of dried fruit.

Conclusions on protein-rich foods

Protein is especially important, especially when you’re on a weight loss diet because it gives your body a good energy supply. However, you do not have to abuse it: excess proteins are eliminated from the body, bringing the kidneys to an overload of work. The high protein diet can be followed only in the short term just to avoid stressing the kidneys. After a few days, you should follow a balanced diet, based on the Mediterranean model, reminding to add everything in your diet without majorly focusing on one specific ingredient or substance. The secret of a healthier life and a strong body is to really eat a little of everything with no exaggeration!

Optimistic studies reveal that when you are consuming protein-rich food and plan to achieve healthy weight loss goals, you ought to track your total daily energy expenditure. So, you can track tdee with the ease of this advanced tdee calculator!