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Weber Spirit E-310 vs Genesis E-310 – Which Should You Choose?

For those barbeque summer lunches, you need a perfect grill in your backyard or garden. Among all the available options and grill brands, Weber is the one for you. This company is quite popular among the masses, starting with invention of its round kettle grill few decades back in 1951.The prices are transparent and the grills comprise of special features, making them all the more popular among masses. The brand is constantly working to improve the present grill designs and keeping their rates quite affordable among the masses. Among so many models available, the Spirit and Generis are the two major models which are winning millions of hearts these days.

Understanding more about Weber Spirit e310:

Among the two models, if you are aiming for one which is least expensive then weber spirit e310 is the one for you. If you are planning to purchase three-burner grill as novice, this model is the one to watch out for.

  • The product is likely to cost you around $449, which is more like one-time investment plan.The grill model is available in four major colors, crimson, black, Sapphire and ivory.
  • This product comprises of around 529 square inches of cooking area. The main cooking area will be of 424 square inches and 105 square inches designed as warming area.
  • The space is perfect for average household. As you will get three burners, the items will prove to be perfect for maximum houses. Whether you have ample space or not this grill will fit right in.
  • Not only the burners, but this grill has a warming rack, which is removable but not quite retractable in nature. You will further enjoy some GS4 Infinity Electronic Ignition here with high performing burners.
  • There are porcelain based flavored bars available with a special grease management system. There are porcelain based cooking grates available too with stainless steel heat deflectors.

Time for Weber genesis e310:

For a rather expensive grill model from Weber, you can give genesis e310 a try. It will cost you around $250 more when compared to the previous model, as discussed. Well, it is truly one big leap but all worth it. Now, the first question that pops up in your mind is why upgrade to this model if you are completely satisfied with the Spirit E310 version of grill? Well, the answer is simple.

  • When compared to the previous model, this genesis one will have 9000 more BTUs over here. Not only that, but you are glad to come across one Tuck away warming rack place, when compared to the fixed rack as procured from the Spirit model.
  • You will be amazed to receive around 156 square inches of extra cooking area. So, if you are trying to plan a barbeque night for a larger group, this grill will help you cook for them all at the same time. This particular model is larger in size and perfect, if you have ample space to put it in. The size is a bit larger when compared to the Spirit model.
  • This particular Generis model of Weber grill comprises of welded tube design frame. The Spirit model will have a panel frame, which is not as glamorous as the welded tube one. It helps in providing a 3D effect in here for sure.
  • If you compare this model with Spirit one, there are changes in the flavored bars as well. This particular one comprises of stainless steel bars when compared to the porcelain enameled ones from Spirit model.
  • There are some other color variations available with this model too, along with extra loaded features. For that, you might have to work out with the Second generation model of Genesis E330.

It is really tough to get an answer on the right choice when it is associated with weber spirit e310 vs genesis e310. Each one has its own set of features. But, if you have few extra bucks to spare and enough space to store a larger machine, then genesis E310 is the right choice for you. Each product comes with a warranty of 10 years and the final decision depends on your preferences only. Make sure to understand about the options in details and then choose one.