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What is Maeng Da Kratom? How is it Made?

At one time in life, you needed, or you will require medication. Since the development of technology, medicines have been ever-present for treatment, pain-relieving, and many other uses.

 However, they come with different side effects. Some have caused people adverse consequences to such an extent that the human race is going back to the traditional way of treatment, using natural extracts from trees for medical purposes.

Famous for pain relief, insomnia, and relaxation, Kratom is a natural supplement obtained from Mitragyna speciosa tree found in Thailand. The Kratom trees and coffee trees belong to the same botanical family. You can use Kratom for medicinal purposes to lessen pain, and for recreational reasons, all you need is to be careful with dosage: Remember that too much of anything wrong for you.

 A popular Kratom strain called Maeng Da is one of the most influential strains which you can discover from the leaf’s appearance. It is usually extra dark, and at the same time, it appears green in color when mashed or turned into a powder form. Research shows that this strain may not only relieve pain but also aid in relaxation, increase focus, concentration, and energy to its users.

 There are many forms in which you can make and take in this product. However, you do not want to consume it only to get drowsy and wake up later with a headache because you strained your head.

Consequently, taking it in the form of capsules because it does not give the bitter taste, or as a tea is a way to go, and most people prefer this. That is why you may have heard of the Maeng Da Kratom tea.

But how do you make this tea? You might be wondering about how to go about it. The wrong preparation method can make it taste bitter. Therefore, make sure you follow the following procedure:

  •         Put one teaspoon of powdered Kratom leaf in a bowl or a cup
  •         Boil some water that will be enough for your intake levels
  •         In your cup containing the Kratom powder, add the boiled water
  •         Stir thoroughly to mix up well
  •         For flavor, you can add some honey or sugar
  •         Leave the mixture to cool for some minutes and stir after some minutes (For instance, if you leave for 20 minutes, stir after 10 minutes).
  •         After it cools, give time for the residue to settle, after which you can pour your tea into a cup to consume.

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To conclude, if Kratom is overdone, it may cause nausea and vomiting. It may also become addictive in the long term. Therefore, always consume it occasionally plus responsibly. Never operate machines or drive after its intake, especially in high amounts. There are countries with laws regarding it, ensure that you follow your area’s regulations to avoid getting into trouble.