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The best meat thermometers, according to kitchen experts

Meat thermometers play an essential role in the kitchen regardless of you being a chef or a home cook. Like its name, the handy device is used to measure the meat’s temperature in the cooking process. For example, they must roast a chicken, searing a steak, pan-frying pork chops, or poaching fish. After checking the temperature, this thermometer lets us know whether it is safe for consumption or is undercooked. A slice of undercooked meat can cause diseases like salmonella and listeria. You may have a great eye or gut feeling about the surety of your steak being exactly medium-rare, but you can only be assured using this thermometer, and it will provide you with the way you prefer. When cooked at a perfect temperature, the meat makes it juicy and tender, but making it stay in the grill for a long will turn it dry and flavorless. It is also important because no two pieces of meat remain the same, and one can be perfectly cooked whereas the other could remain raw. This tool is best to provide you with a stress-free dining experience.

In this article, we will discuss the best meat thermometer for your needs by using the reviews of expert professionals who have been depending on it regularly.

What are the different meat thermometers you can buy?

The different thermometers include digital or analog with short or long probes. But each one of them has pros and cons, which we will discuss here.

Analog Meat Thermometers

Analog thermometers were ruling before the digital era. Even the chefs using it at that time preferred it over the digital ones. They are suitable for the more significant cut of meat and can be left until the meat gets cooked. One should always check twice if the thermometer is safe inside the oven. You can stick the thermometer with your meat and observe any changes during the process. The only pros with them are old-fashioned, and the non-availability of extra features makes it inexpensive. It doesn’t require batteries. They are tricky to read without a big display, which makes it difficult while cooking. The best way to calibrate the accuracy is using an ice water technique by adjusting the thermometer at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it dip an inch in the ice water without its side being touched for a minute or less.

Digital Meat Thermometers

Unlike the analog thermometer, this can be read instantly because of the additional features like backlit screens for increased visibility and timers based on specific cuts of meat. It provides better visibility and registers the temperature of the food much faster. It will make the cooking much easier with the backlight and alarm set, which you will know once it reaches the desired temperature. The thermometers are more miniature, making them portable and user-friendly. There are no tangled wires, but they cannot be left in the oven. Being a digital product increases the chances of malfunctioning while providing inaccuracy. These run on batteries and are expensive, depending on the added features.

Long-probe vs. short-probe meat thermometers

Thermometers with longer probes, usually up to 5 inches, make it an ideal choice for cooking a more significant piece of meat like turkey. However, with the thinner cuts like chicken breast, it could be proven inaccurate since the probe doesn’t go through in thickness.

Which one to choose?

When it comes to picking up the right ones, it solely depends on the usage and preferences. You must choose your ideal one accordingly, depending upon the meat’s budget, convenience, and size. You can shop on Amazon to get a variety of these to choose from. Some of the best ones include

  1. Best Inexpensive: ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer-  $13. 

It comes with a three-year three-year warranty and a 4-inch long stainless steel probe, which helps read the temperature in just 5 seconds.

  1. Best Bluetooth: Veken Meat Thermometer for Grilling, BBQ Wireless 4 Probe Remote

These are the most expensive but have a remote signal with thousands of positive customer reviews and supreme accuracy.

  1. Best for Grilling: ThermoWorks Classic Super-Fast Thermapen
  2. Best for Keeping in the Bird: ThermoPro TP-16 Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer- $17.99 AT AMAZON
  3. Best Digital: Cooper-Atkins DPP800W MAX Digital Thermometer with Long Probe
  4. Best Analog: Taylor Precision Products Classic Instant Read Pocket Thermometer-$6.48 AT AMAZON
  5. Best Oven Safe: ThermoPro TP06S Digital Grill Meat Thermometer with Probe